Thomas Woodrum

Co-Host of Random Badassery

Tom Woodrum is a man of many disciplines. Whether he’s fine tuning lead guitar compositions on any number of his admired music projects, or keeping the stage running smoothly while co-hosting the Go Go Gone Show, San José’s merciless talent competition, Tom is an ever-present stalwart of the Santa Clara valley performance scene. It is safe to say that he is widely-recognized not only for his luxurious beard, but certainly for the awe-inspiring guitar work he’s done with San Francisco Bay Area bands Delta Activity and Fiction: The Antipop. Tom has advised countless other musicians of all genres and talents with regard to technical and creative troubleshooting. Whether he’s playing for crowds along the Pacific coast, helping local musicians fulfill their dreams, or co-producing variety shows in his hometown, Woodrum is well-respected force of generosity, kindness and laughter.

Thomas Woodrum has hosted 12 Episodes.