Co-Host of Random Badassery

Latte is a Chihuaha mix. Most people seem to agree that the other half is likely a Jack Russell Terrior. He lived three years in other homes and shelters until being adopted by Chad.

He has a big bark for a little dog and uses it whenever he sees other dogs or when people approach him too fast. He's supsicious of humans, but if ignored he'll likely jump on your lap with time.

He likes long walks, urniating on every third object, chewing cheesburger-flavored Nylabones, sittting on Chad's lap when he's trying to do something, and hunting for rats in the middle of the night. He loves his stuffed Lammy (not to be confused with fellow podcaster Lam,) and will run and grab it when exicted. His other close friends include Rocky, Mr. Bluebone, and a pomeranian named Fiona.

He's present for most episodes, but rarely has much to say.

Latte has hosted 58 Episodes.