Chad Hall

Co-Host of Random Badassery

I want to learn to listen rather than to compulsively assume I know the answers to everything. I believe that there is a way to use my hunger for knowledge and learning to improve the lives of others without becoming a fake answer factory or some bullshit guru. I believe that by letting go of my assumptions I can grow, I can press down the tall grass for others, and that together we can all lay in the fields of rye staring up in awe of the stars and the infinity of space–and each other.

I’ve written a few fairly popular pieces on reading, productivity, and not going paperless for places like Todoist & The Observer. I’ve also had my writing referenced by LifeHacker. I published one book of poetry called Erectile Dysfunction: Stunted Poems of Stilted Emotions.

I’m a writer at heart, a reader in action, and a student in soul. My bookshelves are overly full. I own more books than I have time to read—but despite my eagerness, I know that the value of reading comes from contemplation rather than consumption. That’s why I wrote Read Less, Learn More. And ultimately, that is what lead me to podcasting. I believe I’ve found an intimate way to create from a place of learning rather than a place of feigned knowledge.

Some of my current favorite books are Wind-up Bird Chronicle, Between the World and Me, The Celestine Prophecy, & In Search of Lost Time.

Some of my favorite films are 8 1/2, Once Upon a Time in the West, The Great Dictator, & Dodes’ka-den.

I’ve played guitar since I was in puberty. I’m ok. I’ve never been in a band. I used to have a terrible voice, but now I sing in the shower. Sometimes I draw, or paint. And I love to play around with photography (especially black & white.)

In another life I might have been a criminal profiler, a jazz drummer, an architect, or a children’s book illustrator.

I don’t participate in social media, so don’t look for me. I put everything I have into writing, making the podcast and doing stuff for my patrons.

Chad Hall has hosted 134 Episodes.