A New Balance

Episode 84 · January 21st, 2019 · 1 hr 23 mins

About this Episode

0:00 comparative misery . "Don't Shoot the Piano Teacher" The Conners . stripping away pretense . asking for help . blame vs responsibility

"Everybody's problems are real to them." - Lam

"Some lessons you have to live." - Chad

17:48 suicidal thoughts . National Suicide Prevention Lifeline . Daily Sanity Checklist . seeing the real size of obstacles . dogs as medicine

"That's why we're so passionate when we're young, because we think every thought we have means something; but sometimes its just a hiccup, a fart, or a belch in your brain. It just pops up like a bubble." - Chad

"Making things tangible in every way is important for mental health because the more things stay intangible, the more dangerous they are—because you can't can't actually work with them." — Chad

40:09 accepting the quality of our podcast . what we've been watching . redeemable characters . Seinfeld

54:35 Outer Space is Fake . collective truth . will truth, consequences, or racism become irrelevant in virtual reality? . Blame!

Pushing Daisies
True Detective Season 3
Good Girls
Search Party
The Hollywood Complex

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