The Confrontation of Fear

Episode 46 · November 5th, 2017 · 18 mins 58 secs

About this Episode

bringing fear into the light . people’s real phobias . the barrier to create

"Fear doesn't like to be brought out into the light. Fear doesn't like to be seen. It prefers to work in the background. It doesn't like to be analyzed. It doesn't want you to know what shape it is. It doesn't want you to know it's name." - Chad

"Fear lives in the space between idea and action; in the minuscule distance between the page and the tip of our hovering pen." - Chad

"So what happens if I write this book and it's not good? Will I still be a writer? Can I still hold myself to that identity? That's my fear: that I will lose who I am." - Chad

"In order for fear to win, you have to be a pessimist; you have to assume the worst; you have to continually see the end of the world. So, I chose to be an optimist." - Chad

Dune | Frank Herbert
The War of Art | Steven Pressfield

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