Episode 141

What Are Synchronistic Events? w/ Lam Nguyen


September 23rd, 2019

1 hr 7 mins 7 secs

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About this Episode

Chad asks Lam: What if theoretical science could be used to explain strange occurrences? What are explanatory fictions and why do some of us find them too sticky to move past? Can string theory, M theory, & N theory be strung into an interesting concept of synchronicity? Is time really linear?

Featured Charity: St. Jude's

2:44 Chad's log of synchronistic events

20:57 Synchronistic events happen . Synchronicity | Dr. Kirby Surprise . explanatory fictions . existence in timespace

31:22 String theory . M theory . N theory . What do synchronicities mean? . simultaneous time . Astonishing Legends EP 153: James Willis and the Ghosts of Ohio . thin spots between membranes

"I don't think the universe is trying to tell me to listen to more Elton John." - Chad

50:52 Why discussing things like string theory seems silly . imagining the unimaginable . stacking infinite membranes . is time linear? . blackholes

"Be brave enough to let go of who you think you should be." - Lam


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