Episode 140

Is There a Better Way to Connect Thoughts? w/ Tom Woodrum


September 16th, 2019

1 hr 25 mins 21 secs

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About this Episode

Chad and Tom talk about connecting thoughts and why so often it feels as if there is something holding us back from deep thought. When considering the things we enjoy, it often feels as if others are able to craft intelligent ideas into fascinating writing and art while we feel that our thoughts are just out of grasp. Chad sets out a plan to strengthen his cognition through tools like walking, journaling, daydreaming, and scrap paper.

Featured Charity: St. Jude's

4:31 Red Hand Files #59 . finding inspiration right in front of you . Reality is Analog: Philosophizing with Stranger Things . mental haze . feeling out of sync

14:10 Thinking, Fast & Slow | Daniel Kahneman . system 1 & system 2 thinking . calculation vs patience . how the two systems work together . deep thought lethargy . letting ideas stew

"I thrive in analyzing and thinking and taking my time-kinda being sloth with it." - Tom

"The harder you have to think about something and the longer you have to think about something, the more friction there is for you to do it." - Chad

27:51 valuable input . using conversation as an opportunity to articulate and re-articulate thoughts . personal manual episode . resting beard face . what compels people to compliment strangers . are we double tapping reality . tribal connections . why one beard and not the other

"If you watch inane stuff, you're gonna have inane thoughts." - Chad

"I think it's good to also have discussion where the person doesn't give a sh!t." - Chad

"RBF: the resting beard face." - Tom

48:22 reducing stimulus . silently reasoning things out . input addiction . daydreaming . grabbing ideas with scratch paper . let it be messy . recognize your thoughts . journaling to understand your thoughts . David Sedaris's writing process . structuring ideas with writing

"By remaining grounded in the analog when doing things—I feel like to helps to understand and utlize the non-analog thing properly, and in the right ways, and at the right times." - Tom

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