The Work is in the Process w/ Marc Ruiz

Episode 139 · September 9th, 2019 · 1 hr 36 mins

About this Episode

Chad and Marc Ruiz talk about focusing on the work. Since his last visit Marc has finished several scripts and has found a collaborative community of writers on twitter. This lead to recieving some brutal notes, but taking criticism is part of the process. Sometimes there are things we are blind too, so we have to take our lumps and learn. This doesn't mean taking every suggestion, but rather accepting that strong and complex choices may divide.

0:00 RB 129: The Human Element w/ Brandon Van Auken . podcast audio quality . upgrade your tools in time with your commitment

14:45 determining if you need another social media account . politics on social media

28:25 RB 62: A Whirlwind of Sh!t w/ Marc Ruiz . screenplay progess . Academy Nicholl Fellowships . twitter for writers . getting brutal notes on your writing . The Bechdel Cast . the Bechdel test . Marc's twitter thread

“You’ve got to be confident in what you do. If you’re not, then why are you doing it?” - Marc Ruiz

“The things that make to where we want them to be; that end up doing well are the things that can take a beating.” - Chad

48:59 writing in an accent . A Clockwork Orange | Anthony Burgess . creating geniune characters . continuing to learn

“Regardless of any success, I know I’m always going to be learning.” - Marc Ruiz

59:17 dividing an audience . Writers/Blockbusters 037: Midsommar | Thunder Grunt . The Shield . Breaking Bad . the audience's absolutely knowledge of guilt in cop show

"Nobody strives for vanilla." - Chad

1:09:39 complexity is compelling . Taylor Swift covers Phil Collins . background music vs music that explores something . The Center Won't Hold | Sleater Kinney . the movement toward synth albums . Arcade Fire . The National

“The books that we don’t like stick with us just as must as the books we really like. It’s the ones we have no opinion on that we forget.” - Chad

"Trust your voice." - Marc Ruiz

The Madshot

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Trainspotting | Irving Welsh
Bad Lieutenant
"(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" - Cat Power
Undertow - Tool

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