Hiding in Movement

Episode 138 · September 2nd, 2019 · 1 hr 3 mins

About this Episode

Chad and Lam talk about do something syndrome, where we confuse busywork with deliberate practice. When action is our primary goal we burnout; our wheels start to smoke. We need for find a place where we are challenged, yet where we do not allow those challenges to become chores. When putting things out, our compass should not be validation or the desire to curate an image, because true satisfaction comes from making a statement; making the thing you want to see in the world.

0:00 Do Something Syndrome . deliberate practice . busywork . ranking desires

"You could work 80 hours at the wrong thing and you're still not going to get any better becasue you're doing the wrong damn thing." - Lam

"When you are always tooling at a piece; always editing something; always chipping away at something—you know, never getting to the end—you're hiding." - Chad

"The moment that you feel like 'I'm not too good at this; I'm not comfortable with this"—that's the momentwhen you actually learn. Every point before that, you're not learning. You're just kind of swimming in what you already know." — Chad

15:33 between challenge and chore . 30/30 timer app . the boss hat

"Sometimes we burn ourselves out on purpose." — Chad

"There's a delicate balance—which is very hard. Sometimes you have to ping-pong between the two until you find the sweet spot, but it's between challenge and chore." —Chad

26:50 forcing the issue . letting things develop . ideas journals . burning out

"I practice spontaneous planning but delayed action." — Chad

41:00 social media . make the thing you want to see . curating image vs making a statement

"I will never post anything for other people; it will always be for me." — Lam

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