Episode 1

Steve Jobs to Gene Wilder


March 6th, 2016

1 hr 32 mins 14 secs

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Chad Hall And Lam Nguyen sit down to figure out if they can make a podcast. They start of talking about their frustrations with technology, in particular the way that innovation is prioritized over making sure things actually work. Which begs the question of whether automation and virtual assistants will catch on if they remain buggy. They rough edge of technology know falls on the consumer and the artist. Social media has become ubiquitous that one has to wonder whether it is a new medium in and of itself. Or is there still benefit to cultivating aloofness?

0:00 technology frustrations . everyday carry overload . Airdrop . Microsoft Surface, Windows, the Apple ecosystem . ease of use . virtual assistants

“That’s not everyday carry; that’s just a list of shit you like.” — Chad

“Nobody ever comes up with anything that new, unless it’s just a radically different technology, so R&D essentially stands for rip-off and duplicate.” — Lam

“I’m kind of a techno-nerd, but I just wanna turn my sh*t on and have it work.” — Lam

14:38 Drafts app . automation . The Singularity is Near | Ray Kurzweil . the rough edge of technology . web design . Intuos . iPad Pro short-comings . Jiro Dreams of Sushi

33:52 social media . Snapchat . Anchor . vanity addiction . Chad’s Todoist article

50:45 new media vs old media . audiobooks . 138 How Seth Godin Manages His Life — Rules, Principles, and Obsessions | The Tim Ferriss Show . re-reading . Catcher in the Rye

1:00:33 self health . Craig Ferguson Returns | The Nerdist . vlogging . getting ideas out your head . limitations . culivating aloofness .

"And that's why the hardest step for any artist is to go from the conceptual phase into the creation phase—putting your ass into the chair—because the moment you starting making it, is the moment you start realizing that it's never gonna be the thing that you imagined it being." — Chad

1:15:23 music . mixing influences

“The Prophet Song” Queen
The Road | Cormac MacCarthy
All We Are Saying
Tom Waits episode | Fishing with John
Wise Up Ghost | Elvis Costello & The Roots

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