Archive: The Mystery of Haruki Murakami

About This Episode

This is an episode from our older, long conversation format. We hope you enjoy it and please checkout our newer, more focused format.

The first episode in our new creativity focused format. Our first subject is one of our favorite novelists: Haruki Murakami. Join us as we dig into his creative style, his influences and much more.

  • First person/third person
  • Magic realism
  • Being a Japanese writer while being thought of as too western
  • Interpreting cultural references
  • Literature in translation
  • Critics accuse Murakami of repeating himself
  • How Murakami preps his novels
  • Alfred Hitchcock & McGuffins
  • Dealing with character names
  • The mindset you are in when reading a book dicates your experience
    • Chad’s brief thoughts on Don Quixote
  • Dealing with character motivation/When characters come alive
  • Saving characters and ideas
  • Leaving things undone
  • Creating authentic characters
  • Writing without preconceived notions
  • The importance of knowing what a character wants

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